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Face Reading

Face Reading

Face is the appearance of whole body. The face has got to have the most important role when it comes for looking at the aspect of the human figure. The study of a person’s face to understand the nature and certain attributes about that person is determined by Face reading. Face reading is a practice or recognize one’s character personality capabilities or traits which gives on insight into their lives.

Face readers can easily identify if a person is honest, intelligent or reliable. Face reflects the person temperament. That’s why face reading involves identifying the features and expression on a human face. It is practice all over the world. It is a kind of technics to observe a person. The eyes, forehead, brows, lips, nose, jawline and facial shape can talk more about the person.

Normally when someone met for the first time, all people attention goes on the face or facial expression. At that time by seeing that person face, we recognized the basic things like happy or sad, colour of the person. Facial shape and more. Human can adopt a facial expression to read as a voluntary action because expressions are closely tied to emotion. It is impossible to avoid expressions for certain emotions.

In the social media people show their feeling by ‘Emoji’ too. Emoji is the face reading cartoon, smiling face with smiling eyes and smiling face are the most commonly used emojis. The simply denote the happiness or positivity. Emoji faces are used on SMS and social media apps like Instagram, WhatsApp and more. The people who received the emoji faces message can easily the know the thoughts of sender.

So that, face reading reflects the mirror of our inner affection. Face reader can read it. Good face reading can provide an insight into a person’s true feelings. Due to this reason, face reading is very popular from ancient time. There are many ways to predict the person’s present, past and future. Face reading is profiling a person based on shape, texture, lines scars and moles. It is very accurate analysis.  It observed the emotional state and control of a person stability and growth in careers.

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